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3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Membership Program

Whether you're using Infusionsoft with Memberium, AccessAlly, iMember360, Wishlist with LearnDash or any other of the possible systems, you must have  three key ingredients.  Without those, you're building a three legged stool with a missing leg.

No matter how hard you try, it's not going to stand.  It just won't work.

Watch an excerpt from a presentation I gave the Pure Potentials Speakers Retreat last fall explaining how these are necessary for building a foundation for your membership program.

With the right guidance in developing these, you can get your program up and running and more importantly - selling.

Might I also recommend my Breakthrough Course Building System.  It's a done-with-your online course with me as your instructor. We start by confirming customer demand for your course.  No sense in building anything until you know you can sell it.  Then the focus turns to the site content meeting that demand and building the site that delivers your program.