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Jorge Lazaro Diaz

President and Founder

Jorge Lazaro Diaz is the President and Founder of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing. Jorge has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University. He completed his degree just as he turned 21. Many of his friends knew him as the wiz kid who knew everything there was to know about computers.

In order to become the Infusionsoft expert he has become, Jorge put his brains to work yet again. He spent three years in the Infusionsoft Elite Mastermind Group which was later renamed the Marketing Automation Group.  The group led by:

  • Bob Britton, the Infusionsoft 2010 Ultimate Marketer,
  • Micah Mitchell, the man behind Infusionsoft Mastery, and
  • Grant James, one of the top list builders in the Infusionsoft community.

helped him tremendously as he established the part of the practice focused on bringing Infusionsoft best practices to his consulting clients.

In 2013, Jorge was voted Marketing Automation Group Champion by his peers earning him that year's $30,000 prize. It's an award he values highly because of the earning, but more so because of the endorsement of a group he holds in very high regard.

Jorge started his career at IBM Boca Raton where he was issued an IBM PC computer produced so early in the production cycle that it has a hand etched serial number. It was a prototype machine. He left there years later to work at Compaq Computers in Houston where he led a microcode development team in the Windows 95 days.

After learning web design technologies in the late '90s, he worked at KPMG Consulting integrating back end systems supporting the emerging Internet solutions that were taking shape at the time.

"Delivering solutions that deliver results is not a theoretical exercise for us. It’s a top priority because our clients need the effectively lead generation programs the lead to added revenue that we know is the life blood of any business." - Jorge

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