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Please Don’t Sell Me What You Think I Need

You are the expert.  You can go over a potential customer's situation and know right away what it is they need.   You know exactly what they need.  You know it 100% no mistake about it.

Then you tell the person your recommendation and they look at you like you're an alien from Mars.  You know what is best for them, but to them it makes no sense.

That's a very big problem.  It's a problem for the prospect who won't be benefiting from something valuable you can offer them.  It's a bigger problem for you because you won't get the sale.

It's completely counter-intuitive, but if you want to help the largest number of people and maximize your sales, you MUST NEVER sell a prospects what they need.  YOU MUST SELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT.  Selling them what they need, especially if what you sell isn't easy to understand, is a path the poor house.

Please bend your mind around this.

Let's take an example.

Let's say you're a realtor selling residential homes.  You will get people who want you to video their home and feature them on your website.  They'll ask you to feature their home on your home buyer magazine ads.

A good broker knows that selling a house has everything to do with setting the price it right.  The selling price compared to the comparable in the area must match.  If the pricing is out of whack, it won't sell no matter how hard your promote it.  There are other realtor secrets that are what a home seller most needs.

If you want to get that home seller's listing, you just have to sell to what prospects want.  People selling a home, who are NOT experts at selling homes, like the sexy.  They like what looks to them as:

  • something that stands out,
  • out of the ordinary and
  • special.

They may be looking for the bright, shiny objects.  Well you know what.  You may have to give in to them to get the sale.

You have to add some bells and whistles and tie a bow around it.  Even though you as the expert don't think it will improve your chances of selling it,  you may have to do it.  You do it because it's what the buyer wants.  That can get you the sale.

Selling to what someone wants gets their attention.  It builds your credibility in their eyes even if that doesn't make logical sense.  When you get the job and it's time to deliver, this is when you focus on what your customer needs.  That's what then gets you results and it's what gets that happy satisfied customer.

Delivering on the needs is what gets your customer results.  It's what gets you referrals and testimonials saying you far exceeded their expectations.  However, sexy selling what the customer wants vs needs is required.  It's what the prospect wants and it's what's going to get you the sale.  Otherwise, you'll never get a chance to deliver on their needs the way you know the needs need to get met.

Hope this helps!