The Speaker's Dilemma
What Happens to My Business When I Want to Sell, Retire, or Do Something Else? 


It's a Tough Question.

You've done a  super job becoming the star face of your business.  Now there is no business without you.  You are permanently attached and there is no escape.

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Video #1

What Pricing Models Work Best 


Video #2

The Online Speaker's Business Models


Video #3

Online Approaches for Attracting Clients


Video #4

Working With Online Distracted Learners

The Perfect and Profitable Way to Eliminate Your Business' Dependency on YOU!

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:


How Do You Price These New Offerings

If you read what the experts have to say, you can easily get overwhelmed.  Get a practical overview of pricing for the online equivalent of what you do.  Make use of your existing knowledge so you aren't just guessing.


How Do You Attract Clients

If you are successful offline, you already have what you need.  You have an understanding of your buyer and what works.  We discuss how to convert what works offline and use it for this new online version you are creating. 


What Business Models Work Online

Membership sites have many features for presenting your existing materials to your online audience.  We'll go over exactly what we've seen work and the proven best practices that are most effective in getting you message out to your members. 


Dealing with Your Highly Distracted Online Learner

You can't just film yourself presenting and expect that to work.  Online training is different from in person.  We go over that and how to make the material that works great in person just as good online.

What Others Are Saying:


Robert Vico  / Outrageous Marketing

Miami Springs, FL

"If you need a membership site. Do yourself a favor. Work with somebody who gets it. Work with somebody who understands marketing and reach out to Jorge Diaz at Larry Jacob Internet Marketing."

Jamie Gilleland  / CEO at Misyte 

Statesboro, GA

"...we rely on Jorge and his team for membership website work. They know Memberium, Infusionsoft and have best practices that keep us looking like pros. We give it to them and just forget about it."

Josh Randolph / Ministry Ventures

The comprehensive approach used by these guys to build membership sites are extremely helpful for those new to the processThey've kept us from heading in the wrong direction time and time again.  Grateful for Jorge and the team!

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