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Meet Jorge Lazaro Diaz Speaker and Mastermind Facilitator

What do you get when you mix:

  • an expert online content marketer,
  • a membership / learning site builder,
  • a Masters degree holding programmer, and
  • a business owner who appreciates a good marketing challenge?

You get Jorge (pronounced George) Lazaro Diaz.  He understands the business owner's challenge, struggle and fight to generate revenue.  He sees huge potential in a business owner's untapped and underappreciated content.  With his interesting wit, marketing savvy and understanding of the available technologies, Jorge identifies often overlooked online approaches for transforming content and business it supports into money-makers.

President and Founder of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing

Sample Speaking Topics

Must Your Business Die a Slow, Sad, Painful Death?

The Star Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant Dilemma

You've built a successful speaking, training, coaching or consulting business. You're making good money.  You've filled your role as that highly-valued, well-branded, face of the business perfectly.  The issue is you've filled it almost too well.  Removing your from the business is like removing a vital organ.  You go and their goes everything.

Jorge presents an entertaining presentation diving into the dilemma faced by all star business owners.  The business is completely dependent on them, training a replacement is high risk and difficult, selling the business as an exit strategy doesn't work and their income is limited by time and travel.  

He then transitions into some proven available online options for transforming what the star does in person to its online equivalent.  And better yet, these options open up unlimited income potential. 


Public Speaking with Zero Frequent Flyer Miles

Presenting on the Big Stage While Wearing Your PJs

While public speaking is a money machine for some people. the lifestyle is a tough one.  There's the travel, time away from loved ones and the personal sacrifices needed to make it happen.  You're also limited by the 24 hour day rule and that annoying need to sleep and eat.  (None of which is revenue generating.)  You only earn money when you are presenting.

Jorge, a former road warrior himself, presents an entertaining and lighthearted keynote reviewing the struggles faced by the public speaker.  For those looking to take their roadshow online, he reveals proven strategies and tactics for delivering their expertise in profitable new ways.  He also points out the most costly mistakes made by first timers online.   And of course, Jorge reminds his audience about the joys of less travel and more time with loved ones.

I've Got a Dropbox Full of Presentation Materials and No Money

So many business owners have tons of content.  It's stored on their laptop,  in "the cloud," or maybe even on the Internet (somewhere).   You know it's value.  You also know it's not producing for you.

Jorge has spent years working to put business owner content to work:

  • showcasing their expertise and talents,
  • positioning them as the obvious expert gaining celeberty status in their niche, and
  • converting those that are initial interested into paying customers.

Jorge gives an inspiring presentation sharing ideas, strategies and tactics any content owning entrepreneur can use.  It's information for quickly transforming land locked, poorly organized, and under-exploited content into lead generating promotional materials for building credibility, generating revenue and acquire customers.

The Calculated Move from Free to Well-Paying Membership Offers

When faced with an online course or membership program, many business owners struggle with the transition from FREE to paid.  They ask the questions:

  • Am I giving away too much?  
  • Am I not giving away enough?  
  • Is the FREE material I share striking up interest?
  • Why isn't this stuff getting me business?

Jorge speaks from personal experience working customers and his own sales funnels.  He shares strategies that have been a huge success and the processes he's used to convert non-performing sales funnels and into money-makers.

His presentation is full of case studies and packed with examples showing real numbers to illustrate his points.

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